Sunday, July 5th
We have BERRY good news!
 We will be open today from

Picking will be GOOD today! If you look carefully, you might even find a bird's nest in one of the bushes :)
$2 per pint
$4 per quart
We provide the containers for you.
Cash or checks only.
*Be prepared in the event of insect stings. Bees/Wasps do enjoy the berry bushes, too. 

The cost is $4.50 per dozen and it is very sweet and yummy.
 Plenty available today!
Call us if you want us to set 100 ears aside for you for $35:
Cash or check only.

We will have homemade ice cream for sale today....blueberry will be available while supplies last. Vanilla, too. Ice cream flavors vary from day to day so always check ahead if you are hoping for a specific flavor. Strawberry is all done until next year. Ice cream prices range from $1.50-$3.50 depending on whether you get bowls, cones, 1 scoop, or 2 scoops. You can also purchase a quart for $9, but bring a cooler to keep it cold! 


Always call ahead or check this site/Facebook page, before you come, to check on picking conditions, daily hours, crop availability and other details. We plan to be open daily in July but always check ahead. We close in August and part of September until our pumpkin patch opens :)

We plan to have butter beans in a week or so, so check back often so you don't miss them. The crop is not very plentiful so we are not taking advanced orders. Just check the website every day until we finally have some available; we update every evening. We do not have the pricing set yet.

Port-a-potties and an outside sink are available for your restroom needs.

We provide the picking containers for you. Please remember that we accept checks or cash only.

We sell cold water and drinks at the farm.

 Dogs are welcome on a leash and as long as you clean up their bathroom incidents.

 Email us with questions :)


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