We accept CASH OR CHECKS only - no debit/credit cards at this time.

We are taking things day by day. Check

this website for daily updates.

We may not be able to stay open

through Halloween like usual.

Porta-potties and an outside sink are

available for restroom needs.

Cold drinks, assorted baked goods,

and fall gift shop items are sold inside our

farm store. Availability varies.

Private parties, cookouts, tents, tailgating,

grills, etc are not allowed at the farm. 

Dogs are welcome at the farm

as long as they stay on a leash and

are not left unattended. You must clean up after their restroom incidents.


PUMPKIN PICKING:Pumpkin picking is still available but at this point there are a lot of rotten pumpkins in the field that you have to pick around. The carving-style pumpkins are finished and most of the specialty varieties are gone. The varieties that remain to be found in the pumpkin patch include minis, gourds, fall squash, a few Cinderella pumpkins, and the large Charlie brown style pumpkins...just watch out for ones

with rotten spots.

We allow customers to drive into the pumpkin patch if field conditions are adequate. If not, the pumpkin patch can be accessed by foot with a short walk. Feel free to bring a wagon to help haul kids and pumpkins back to the farm store. Pumpkin pricing includes: $1 minis, $1.50 acorn & butternut squash, $3 blue hubbards, $8 cinderellas, $10-$25 giants and $1-$3 assorted gourds. We also have a few other things for sale in our pumpkin market in our farm store. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS ONLY - NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS AT THIS TIME.

Homemade Ice Cream:

We sell homemade pumpkin & vanilla ice cream during our fall season. Get a scoop or two in a bowl or cone.


Pricing ranges from $1.75-$4.50.

We are OPEN today!

We took inventory in the pumpkin patch again and it appears that the pumpkin crop has gotten to the point where we are picked-out of all good carving pumpkins. At first glance, it looks like there are a ton of pumpkins in the field....but all that remain are some fall squash, gourds, minis, Charlie-brown-style pumpkins, and a few cinderellas to be picked.....the rest have either been picked clean or are rotten and bad. The good news is that we still have our delicious HOMEMADE ICE CREAM for sale and we will be OPEN on Monday, Oct 22nd from 10am-6pm for our pumpkin, vanilla, and NEW limited edition pumpkin cookie flavors! Also, we still have a some pre-picked pumpkins for sale at our farm store

(including carving pumpkins while they last.)


We are taking things day by day. Check back before visiting.



Corn Maze:

The recent storm blew down our corn maze. Sadly, the maze is