*Strawberry season is typically the month of May but picking is not available every day of the month. Always check our website before visiting. Ice cream is for sale every day in May from 7am-7pm.

* Port-a-potties and an outside sink are available for restroom needs

*Only service dogs are allowed in the strawberry patch. Dogs are welcome at the farm as long as they stay on a leash with another member of your party while you pick berries. Dogs can't be left unattended. Thank you!

*We sell cold drinks at the farm, along with a few baked goods, pies, jams, and farm items in our farm store. Availability varies day to day. Please remember cash or checks only.

*Private parties, tailgating, cookouts, tents, grills, tables, etc are not allowed at our farm



Cup w/ 1 scoop - $1.75

​Cup w/ 2 scoops - $3.50

Cone w/ 1 scoop - $2.75

Cone w/ 2 scoops - $4.50


Tuesday, May 22nd

Strawberry picking update for today: a lot of the berries have water spots from sitting in the rain for multiple days so please keep this in mind before visiting to pick. Some are oddly shaped, too. The berries aren't as pretty as they were but they still taste good. The field will wet in areas from the recent rain, so wear proper shoes.  We will be open from 7am-7pm.

We will also have our homemade ice cream for sale today from 7am-7pm! We will have our strawberry flavor available today, and a little vanilla, too.

Get a scoop or two in a bowl or waffle cone.


This berry season will not have as reliable of a harvest as past years so we have to take things day-by-day for strawberry picking. We will update this page every day to let customers know the daily picking status. We will update again Tuesday night to let you know about picking for Wednesday, May 23rd. Ice cream will be for sale regardless of the picking status.

Please remember that we accept cash or checks only. When picking is available, the cost is $9.75 per gallon basket or $2.50 per quart. We provide the containers for you to take home. Ice cream pricing ranges from $1.75-$4.50 depending on size. Call with questions: