We are located at 2051 Alliance Rd.

Surry, VA  23883


We accept cash or checks only! No credit/debit cards!

Port-a-potties & an outside sink are available for your restroom needs.

Dogs are welcome but please keep them on a leash and out of the strawberry patch. Please clean up after their restroom incidents :) 


​​​Strawberry Picking Pricing:

QUART - $2.50

GALLON - $9.00

Please remember that we accept cash or checks only - no cards!

We provide you with the picking containers, and they are yours to keep. We sell by the container, not by the weight.

Our main strawberry variety is Chandler but we also have a few rows of Camarosa.

  Farm Info:

We sell homemade strawberry ice cream each day, while supplies last. It is sold inside our farm store during strawberry season and is freshly made using our strawberries!


Cup - 1 scoop - $1.75

Cup - 2 scoops - $3.50

Cone - 1 scoop - $2.75

Cone - 2 scoops - $4.50

Strawberry Picking:

Ice Cream:


We are OPEN on

Wednesday, May 4th from 7am-7pm!

Picking looks GREAT for today:) The best place is the left side of the field, down by the trees! We will remain open rain or shine. We will be open on Mother's Day! Happy picking!

We plan to be open 7 days a week during May (7am-7pm), but always check the night before, for picking conditions. The weather and customer turnout determine the next day's outlook :)

As of now, picking looks great for the rest of the work week and weekend :)